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HH Kids provides support and continuing professional development for all staff around the PSHE and Healthy School agendas.  We provide regular network meetings and training events as well as offering staff insets in school and one-to-support meetings to address school identfied needs.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  Future (out of school) training events will be highlighted on our calendar.


Training sessions offered include:


      * The role of the PSHE Co-ordinator

      * Good practice in PSHE (3 day course)

      * Methodologies to enhance PSHE delivery

      * Tailoring your PSHE curriculum to meet the needs of your school community

      * Developing effective school policies (e.g. sex and relationship education (SRE), drug  

         education etc.)

      * SRE knowledge to enhance content delivery

      * Dealing with sensitive issues and spontaneous questions in PSHE

      * Puppets in PSHE

      * Relax kids

      * Engaging parents/carers in school life

      * The role of the Healthy Schools Co-ordinator

      * Healthy schools toolkit and local health needs



HH Kids understands the value and importance of involving parents/carers in the school community, particularly with regard to the health and well-being of children and young people.  We offer support in engaging parents with this work (e.g. consultation around policy development), workshops to explore a range of health issues and also offer a short 'positive parenting course'.  Similarly, governors can be supported to develop knowledge and awareness of PSHE issues and policy development via appropriate training sessions or consultation events.


Example sessions include:


      * Talking to your child about drugs

      * Relax kids - building positive relationships and self-esteem

      * Sex and relationship education

      * Safety

      * Positive parenting

      * Health and well-being

      * Policy development

HH Kids can support schools with pupil consultation/participation whether around a particular PSHE topic/health issue or for a particular project or school need.  We can work with the school council, individual

classes or the whole school community using a range of approaches, e.g. focus groups, questionnaires and/or through fun games and activities.


Examples include:


      * Policy development and review

      * Consultation around curriculum content to meet the needs of pupils (e.g. drug  

         education and SRE)

      * A healthy and safe school environment