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HH Kids provides a range of lessons to support the PSHE curriculum.  We can offer individual class lessons or deliver lessons to several/all year groups on a specific date or over a set period of time.  Lessons can be adapted in an age appropriate way so that schools can request a specific lesson for an alternative year group (e.g. Y3 healthy body/healthy mind being delivered at Y5).  We are dedicated to ensuring we work within a school's policies and procedures and will agree the suitability of content and materials beforehand.  

Relax Kids

HH Kids is pleased to be able to offer the Relax Kids Programme.  Relax Kids is the UK's leading expert in children's relaxation and coaches are trained to provide fun and imaginative Relax Kids and Chill Skills classes.


During a Relax Kids class, children are guided through a unique 7 step system, taking them from a high energy to a low energy, to help them learn the art of relaxation.  The system includes movement and dance, relaxation games, stretches, peer/self massage, breathing exercises, positive affirmations and visualisations.


These techniques can be used to help children relax, improve sleep, increase learning, improve listening skills, decrease stress and anxiety and improve children's self-esteem.


Relax Kids can be offered as one off lessons, as a six week programme of support (6 x 1 hour lessons) or as

an after school club.  We also run the Chill Skills course which is delivered over a 6-8 week period.


A range of magical themes and adventures helps children to develop their creativity and confidence whilst teaching them life-long skills to help them cope with a range of situations.  Magical adventures include:


    Winter wonderland

    Teddy bears picnic

    Aladdin's magic lamp


    Witches and wizards

    Shining stars

    A trip to the zoo

    A summers day



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Further information about Relax Kids is available at www.relaxkids.com